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Counsel India

Based in India, as a practical psychology e-learning platform, we provide exclusive psychology courses like Therapy Master Course, Counselling Master Course, and Diploma in Psychology with affordable pricing and quality course content. As a gradually advancing Ed Tech company, Counsel India is encountering challenges to become more agile, flexible, and responsive to fast-changing learner’s expectations
Mental health is grossly neglected and overlooked by most people. But how could things change for the good? The same curiosity led founders, Shivam Dixit and Bobby Thakur to start Counsel India as an NGO back in 2016. At its nascent stage, Counsel India covered 100+ villages, govt. schools, remand homes, juvenile homes and orphanages to spread awareness regarding the importance of mental health and conducted counselling sessions for them. Soon they realized that there was so much in this field to work upon and fix. The taboo around the subject had to be broken. The problems seemed to be way more than the people who could help you with them. So, they jumped right on the opportunity to take the charge.

We introduced a 21-day program, Mind Power Training (MPT) as our first product which focused on helping people build a belief system that encourages them to grow internally, especially when challenges are many. We were persistent with our efforts to maximize our reach in that space. By 2018, we had reached to 8+ colleges & universities and 15+ corporates with our MBT product. It was a huge success!

Inspired with this initial success, we started conducting talk shows, seminars, stand-ups and group interactions to get people listen to us about mental health and psychology. Through our interactions with students and working professionals from different settings, we learned the need for career and personal counseling. We started a systematic detailed analysis that could help them identify their key skills and land them growing career paths.

As we couldn’t be there for everyone who needed us, so we decided to train individuals who could offer counseling services to masses. We incorporated as a private limited company in 2020 and streamlined the business model. We started training aspirants on practical psychology and counselling skills. We got the key accreditations, and started launching courses in psychology that were in demand. Starting from our flagship course, Counseling Master Course, we designed and launched courses on the other topics, like Child Psychology, Counselling Therapy, Internships and Diploma Courses one after another, changing the learning landscape of psychology in India.

Our thriving enthusiasm was put to the test during Covid when the whole world succumbed to its backlash. It was apparent that the world moved online, and so did we! We took this as an opportunity to connect with more people by delivering our courses online. Counsel India’s practical courses were now accessible to people all over India and outside the country as well. We helped our learners to become self-reliant by providing support in establishing their own counselling practice. This made Counsel India the first psychology ed-tech company to add entrepreneurship in the course curriculum

Counsel India

Counsel India

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