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Knowledge road

When students enter our program they often lack confidence in their academic abilities. Not only do we strive to improve their academic performance, we also work on building up a confident scholar. Our providers place emphasis on building positive relationships with their scholars which in turn promotes the growth of the whole child.

Knowledge Road hires Educators who hold the following certifications in the state of New York:

Special Education Permanent

Students with Disabilities (Bc-2nd, 1st-6th, & 7th-12th)
Literacy Specialist
Knowledge Road providers undergo a thorough screening process before they can begin working with students. The screening process is conducted by both the agency and the Department of Education.
We offer our providers online subscriptions to teaching resources to assist them with supplementing coursework during their sessions.
We provide our schools quarterly progress information regarding the current performance of the students as well as the providers to ensure growth and progress are taking place
United States
1185 Avenue of Americas New York, New York 10036