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Call Barging and Call whispering | CloudShope Technologies

Most call centers, as well as customer service phone systems, contain features such as call barging and call whispering. These tools enable instant interaction of the agents, supervisors, and the managers with respect to customers’ calls.


Call Barging: The other essential characteristic of this technology is the call barge-in whereby a caller can be joined by a supervisor or manager already in progress with the client. Such an instance is bound to enable the supervisor to partake in the dialogues, listen to both sides, and even talk to any of the two parties involved.

It is used frequently for training and quality control. The supervisor may also listen in on calls in order to advise agents on making sales; intervene in case of misunderstandings, problems or any need for help.


Call Whispering: Call barging is where the supervisor is actually involved in an ongoing call while call whispering involves the supervisor listening to a call without the customer’s knowledge and providing advice to the sales representative. Thus, both of these features can be regarded as vital instruments facilitating the improvement of customer service in call centers.

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