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CMO on Demand

Marketing has evolved every quarter during this pandemic where many marketing channels have closed but others have opened up. However, SMEs are getting poor ROI from their marketing initiatives and giving up too early, unable to deal with the complexity and jargon filled approach of their partners. In this age of martech, algorithms, tools and jargons, a CMO ensures that marketing spends yield stronger ROI.

Reviewing existing brand awareness, understanding competition, and planning digital transformation enables SMEs to create strong marketing approaches. Brand strategy, marketing infrastructure and the actual campaigns – CMO on Demand enables SMEs to create efficient marketing plans. Tracking campaigns, brand outreach plans, creating strategic opportunities for leaders, customer acquisition in a predictable manner, commercial excellence to reduce cost of sales – these are some of the functions of a CMO which helps SMEs to create efficient connections with its customers. CMO on Demand makes it affordable for SMEs to access expertise from Fortune 100 and Big 5 Consulting firms to improve the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Mayur Vihar