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E-commerce in the Middle East

In light of the development taking place in our world in our contemporary time, many people spend more than three hours a day on the Internet, and for this reason, there is no escape for companies, regardless of their activities, to use electronic marketing to promote their products.
Although there are many people who consider e-marketing with its plans, methods, and tools as something unknown to them because it is something new to them, yet all the successful models in it did not start from the hundred, but rather all beginnings started from scratch.

Definition of e-marketing and its advantages
E-marketing is a term that describes the marketing of products or services electronically through the Internet, on computers, mobile phones, social networking sites, search engines, e-mail, and others.
There are many e-marketing tools available from many sources, the most important of which is the giant Google, which is compatible with this digital technology. Market research uses many tools, the most famous of which is Google Keyword Planner, and the analysis of your marketing efforts is done using a tool such as Facebook Insights, and your ads are also digital platforms. Such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

E-marketing is a new and distinctive way to understand customer behavior, as it starts with measuring the number of downloads, likes, visits, views, comments and interactions, and ends with ratings, reviews and surveys.

In order to be able to carry out e-marketing activities, the starting point should be to build a presence for your company on the Internet, by creating a website with an attractive design, providing comprehensive information about the company, and you may add to it a blog in which you share your experiences with your target audience, and also create accounts on websites Social media is where you promote your products and communicate with your audience.


Facebook is used daily by 1.5 billion people, and for a simple calculation compared to the total population of the world, nearly a fifth of the world’s population logs on to Facebook every day, which means that your current and future customers often have accounts on Facebook.


Social media marketing is the use of these sites to draw your audience’s attention to your website, by creating engaging content that encourages them to share it.

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