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How Do I Find My Finnair Flight Booking Number?

How to contact Finnair Customer service phone number? 


When we are talking about the best low-price airline, Finnair is the most demandable airline in the region of the United States. If you want to book your flight ticket, then this airline will provide you with top-notch services and a comfortable journey.

But if you need assistance related to the air services, then you can talk to an agent of the Finnair Customer Service. Who are well experienced in servicing the customers. They will provide you with all the guidance related to your doubts or queries. 

Here is the process of speaking to an agent of the airline:

To start the process of a call, you need to dial the  Finnair Phone Number 1844-296-4458 

  • After placing the call, 1844-296-4458  the command of the voice instructions of the IVR will start automatically. Follow the instructions carefully. 

 For choosing the language. 

  • Choose 1 to start your process in English.
  • Choose 2 to start your process in Spanish
  • Choose 3 to start your process in Portuguese.

For selecting the number of doubts.

  • You must have to select 1 for the general queries.
  • For the query related to the booking, you can select 2.
  • For the query related to the cancellation, you can select 5.
  • For the query related to the change, you can select 7.
  • For the query related to the refund, you can select 8.
  • For the claim, you can select 9

 Once both commands are clear, you will instantly connect with the customer service person. Who will ask for some of the details and then provide all the solutions to your doubts in a well-described form?

And at the same, you can also get help in other ways. Because sometimes passengers are unable to connect via the Finnair Booking Number. 

Other modes are:

By Email: If you are a person who doesn’t like informal replies. Then you should have to try the email method, where you will be able to find all the answers to your problems in a well-formal manner. Here, you are just required to write a well-applicable email of your problems and then send it to the email address of Finnair.

The Live chat: With the help of the live chat method, passengers can get the answer to their issues immediately; you are only required to choose the tab of the live chat from the “Contact Us” section. And from where you can start your chat with the automatic assistance.

Social media: Social media is also a  trending method used by the youth. To find the solutions to your queries, you need to 

  • Search the Finnair page on social media.
  • Go to the message option.
  • Then type your queries.

They will respond to you in a few hours.  


So, after reading all the information which are given above, you can now easily find Finnair Contact Number without taking help from any other. But if you find any difficulty connecting with them, then you can also visit the official web page of Finnair.  

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