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Is Weed Good For Hangovers? A Potentially Soothing Remedy

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Knowing The Pain Of A Hangover

The body uses hangovers to remind us of our tolerance to drinking. The causes of the body’s response to excessive alcohol use are as varied as the symptoms. The first and most obvious is that alcohol is converted in our bodies into acetaldehyde, which is harmful in excess amounts. There are more possibilities than this, though, as concentrations rarely approach lethal levels.

After blood alcohol levels start to decline, the first indicators of a hangover begin to appear. The worst symptoms, according to some experts, start to show when the temperature reaches zero.No matter how many liquids it takes to reach “intoxication,” the main lesson is to avoid drinking to that point. Since everyone has a unique tolerance to alcohol, light or moderate drinkers are more likely to have a hangover than heavy drinkers because their bodies aren’t as accustomed to the drug.

So, next time you struggle with a hangover, consider turning to hashish and discover alternatives like weed delivery in Washington DC and marijuana delivery in Washington, DC, to locate the appropriate treatment to relieve your hangover signs.

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