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Experience the authentic spirit of lush, rural India at Evolve Back Kabini. Previously known as Orange County Resort, it’s among the preferred Kabini Resorts Evolve Back, renowned for its magnificent river views and affordable prices! Escape from the chaos of city life and step into the wild yet serene atmosphere of Evolve Back Kabini, formerly Orange County Kabini. Nestled near the Kabini River, this exquisite resort offers an unparalleled blend of nature, luxury and traditional charm, providing a unique holiday experience. Explore the majestic beauty of the jungle with our specially arranged Kabini Jungle Safari, making this one of the most adventurous Kabini resorts in Karnataka. After a day of thrilling adventures, retreat to your luxury cottage and soothe your mind and body. When it comes to luxury and comfort without compromise, Evolve Back luxury resorts got it covered. The Evolve Back Kabini price delivers fantastic value, considering the exceptional amenities and experiences on offer. Experience the authentic spirit of Karnataka’s wilderness combined with pure luxury at Evolve Back Kabini. Earlier known as Orange County Kabini, this premier resort redefines the essence of a jungle stay. Located near the Kabini River, the resort is one of the finest Kabini resorts, offering upscale amenities, top-notch services, and well-appointed cottages. The Kabini Jungle Safari organized by the resort is certainly a highlight, offering an opportunity to witness the local wildlife in its natural habitat. Being an ideal location for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, Evolve Back Kabini creates a setting that’s just as relaxing as it is exciting. Come and breathe in the serene atmosphere without worrying about the Evolve Back Kabini price; it’s worth the experience.