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MarTech Interview with Isabelle Guis, Global CMO & CEO of North America at Brevo

Isabelle, congratulations on your new role as CEO of North America and global CMO at Brevo. Can you share a bit about your background in marketing and how it has prepared you for this position?

Why global CMO

  • I have a background in engineering, but have always maintained a strong customer-centric approach. This focus on customers led to my natural transition into product management, product marketing and other functions of marketing before I transitioned into the CMO role.
  • Marketing, especially with the advent of SaaS has become more data-driven (product usage, performance marketing, etc.), which fits well with my background. I like numbers, and coupled with my product marketing strength, it greatly helped in creating differentiated positioning and defining a go-to-market strategy for the right product in the right market at the right time.

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As a marketing leader, you must stay updated on the latest trends. What are some of the most significant marketing trends you are currently observing, and how do you see them shaping the industry?

  • As an adjunct professor in Marketing at Santa Clara University I have an unfair advantage: my students. They serve as a constant source of inspiration, challenging me to provide new and unique insights about new startups in the tech stack.
  • I also talk to a few VCs on a regular basis to see their perspective on the market – they are definitely the first to know when something new comes up!
  • At the moment, I’m closely monitoring three major marketing trends: community, purpose, and AI.

The tech industry has traditionally been male-dominated. What advice would you give to aspiring female leaders who want to succeed in the tech industry, particularly in marketing roles?

  • Yes, the tech industry has been traditionally male-dominated. However, things are improving. While there is still progress to be made, we are on the right path. So first of all, don’t get discouraged.
  • I actually believe that marketing is the most diverse profession when it comes to gender in the tech industry. I’ve seen many exceptional women assume CMO roles. Companies are realizing that in order to better serve and understand a market, an employee base has to reflect its composition. Clearly marketing is leading the way.

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