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Discover personalized billing solutions that streamline your revenue cycle to maximize net patient revenue and improve patient satisfaction.

Medical billing has grown into a very vital component in the healthcare industry. Submitting the claims forms, following-up and appealing for the claims with the insurance provider is a highly tedious task. However, we at Bristol Healthcare Services ensure that you stay away from all these stress-inducing tasks by doing them all on your behalf.

Our team of experienced medical billers and coders are equipped with proving the clients with a service that will cover all their requirements. If our clients have any specific requirements in their minds, we make sure that they are provided with a custom made solution.

A patient on visiting a physician becomes a part of a large and complex healthcare system. Healthcare network involves three parties. The patient, Healthcare provider which can be a physician, hospital, or any place where medical services are provided. The third party is the insurance company or payor.

The medical biller or the physician billing services or the medical billing management negotiates and arranges for payment between these parties. The healthcare provider needs to be paid for his services and the biller ensures that the payors or both payors and patients are billed for these medical services. Professional medical billing services like Bristol Healthcare Services carry out all the services on behalf of the healthcare providers. As we do medical billing consulting services, you can talk to us regarding your needs.

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