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OneTouch Solution for multi-carrier shipping system

courier mitra

A “multi-carrier shipping system” is a software or technology which is used by businesses and organizations to effectively manage and streamline their shipping and logistics operations across multiple carriers and shipping providers. Courier Mitra allows users to compare rates, select the most suitable carrier for each shipment, generate shipping labels, track packages, and handle other aspects of the shipping process.


Key features of a multi-carrier shipping system typically include:


Shipping Partners Integration:  Courier Mitra (CM) a courier aggregator software that allow you access to all your leading delivery partners like, FedEx, Delhivery, BlueDart, DHL, on a single platform.


Generate shipping labels: Courier Mitra multi-carrier shipping software gives you access for automatic label printing by which you can Reduce Operation Cost and improve the processing the order faster and efficiently.


Rate Comparison: This remarkable feature of the multi-carrier shipping system allows users to compare the rates of all carrier and choose the best one accordingly. this is the most cost-effective and efficient options for each unique shipment.


Shipment tracking: which enables users to effortlessly monitor the real-time status and precise location of their valuable packages. Courier Mitra a courier aggregator software will give you End-to-End Solution for visibility and transparency not only to businesses but also to their esteemed customers Satisfaction. For more info visit us.

Courier Mitra