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Raat Ke Afsane : Night Walk in Qutub Minar

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Night walks in Delhi are a fantastic way for visitors to connect to the history of Delhi, appreciate its cultural richness and create lasting memories of their journey through time and history. The historic walking tours conducted in these monuments allow visitors to explore these iconic sites in a different light, quite literally.


One such experience is the Raat ke Afsane: Historic walking tour segment, conducted by Enroute Indian History in the Qutub Minar. Enroute Indian History, is a women led organization, established in 2019, trying to make Indian heritage accessible and fun through research and heritage walks


Qutub Minar is a magnificent historical monument located in Mehrauli, New Delhi. It is one of the most famous and iconic landmarks in the city that holds significant architectural importance. Admire the intricate carvings and inscriptions on the minar and learn about its architectural style, which combines Indo-Islamic influences. Visit the tomb of Iltutmish, walk through the Alai Darwaza and experience one of the earliest and the most significant mosques of India.As the sun sets, the monuments within the Qutub complex are beautifully lit, creating a magical and ethereal ambience.


The heritage walks conducted by Enroute Indian History are led by knowledgeable and passionate professionals who are well-versed in history and the cultural significance of various monuments and landmarks in Delhi. The Raat ke Afsane: Night walk in Qutub complex is a 1.5 hours guided walk that would undoubtedly be a memorable experience, offering a unique perspective on the history of the city.


These walking tours in Delhi are also a great way to meet new like-minded people. If you are someone who enjoys sightseeing in Delhi and exploring heritage but are hesitant to go alone, these monument walks are an easy, affordable and a fun option for you to indulge yourself in the history of Delhi. Check out our website to register for our signature Raat ke Afsane. Do follow us on instagram @enroute_indian_history_ .


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