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Shahidul Afridi – Full-Stack Digital Marketer

Shahidul Afridi

Short Bio: Hey, I am Shahidul Afridi. CEO and Founder At Markertion. A Full Stack Digital Marketer. Specialist In Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social Media Marketing, And Web Designer.

Short Journey: My journey started when I was in college doing my bachelors in 2018. I start with website design. The learning process was fun. After completing several web design projects I continued to learn SEO. And completely mastered digital marketing and in early 2020 I worked as a full-stack digital marketer in various freelancer marketplaces. And continue to work with different organizations. Now I am mainly working on SEO, web design and social media marketing.

CEO and Founder At Markertion: Markertion – Creative Digital Marketing Agency is basically a digital marketing agency. This marketing agency mainly provides services in four categories: video editing, graphic design, web development and complete digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO, social media marketing. (SMM), Google Ads and etc.