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Special education teacher support services New York | SETSS Jobs | Knowledge Road

Come grow with us! Knowledge Road offers flexibility and fulfillment. We are seeking passionate and driven New York State-certified Special Education/Literacy teachers for full-time and part-time contract positions to work at our private and parochial partner schools. Teachers provide academic intervention in a 1:1 setting to students with IEP/IESPs. This opportunity is for the duration of the school year. Academic interventions are offered during in-school and after-school hours.

SETSS Requirements:

Any of the following New York State Certifications:

•   Special Education Permanent
•   Students with Disabilities
•   Literacy Specialist
•   At least two years of teaching experience
•   Must NOT currently be employed by NYC DOE or previously employed by the NYC DOE within the past 12 months
•   Fingerprint clearance and DOE approval (checked after initial interview)
•   Applicants must be experienced working with students one-on-one and in small groups of 5 or less

United States
New york city