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Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

aarti gupta

Every passenger has to pay an additional fee for any checked bags on Spirit Airlines. There is a maximum of five bags in the hold per person. No bag can be more than 18.1 kg (40 lbs) or a combined size of 158cm. The price is based on the number of bags you check and when you check them.

Any bag that exceeds these dimensions or weight will be classed as oversized or overweight and will incur additional costs.

Luggage Delivery Company your Spirit Baggage Alternative

If you have too many bags, not only do you have to pay the extra fees, but you have to try and balance them all as you drag them through the airport. This can be a hassle for just one flight let alone connecting flights. Instead, use a luggage delivery company as a viable alternative and enjoy the convenience of having your bags picked up from your doorstep and delivered immediately to your destination. You can have your bags at the hotel before you even arrive or in your cruise cabin the minute you open the door.

Spirit Extra fees for Overweight Bags

If you have bags that are overweight or your bag exceeds the dimension limitations, Spirit Airlines will charge you based on the size.

  • If your bag is between 41 lb and 50 lbs, 18 kg and 23 kg, you will be charged $30 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 51 lb and 70 lb or 23 kg and 32 kg, you will be charged $55 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 71 lb and 100 lb or 32 kg and 45 kg, you will be charged $100 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 68 in and 80 in or, 158 cm and 208 cm, you will be charged $100 per bag, one way.
  • If your bag is beyond 70 in total or 203cm total, you will be charged $150 per bag one way
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Spirit Prohibited items

There are items banned completely from your flight including:

  • Fireworks and flares
  • Dynamite
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Pool chlorine
  • Bleach or oven cleaner
  • Torch lighters
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