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Step Up SIP Calculator | Finanz India

alton mehra

The step-up SIP calculator assists you in calculating the return on your SIP investments when your SIP amount increases annually.

We all do financial planning unknowingly and in an unstructured manner in isolation. We do fixed deposits, buy insurance policies, invest in stocks and mutual funds, buy real estate, and take loans. Any spending or investment decision that you make certainly impacts your overall financial life. Financial Planning is considering the impact of one decision on another, and utilizing resources in the best possible manner to achieve one’s financial aspirations.

We adopt a Listen-Plan-Build strategy, in which we first listen to your journey & your approach towards money – your beliefs, responsibilities, dreams, fears & help you understand and prioritize your financial life.

Following this, we analyze your Cash flows, Risk appetite, Return expectations and Aspirations, and accordingly build your financial pyramid with five strong foundations:

    1. Uncertain events of life like health cover, life cover and accidental cover.
    2. Provision for family’s uncertainties like Emergency fund.
    3. Non-Negotiable Expenses like Retirement corpus, Children’s education, etc.
    4. Provision for Negotiable Expenses like House, Children’s marriage, Vacations, etc.
    5. Assets for the next generation like Real Estate, Diamonds, Gifts, etc.
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