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“We Are The Leading Fabric Tensile Manufacturer In Nagpur,  provide all types of fabric Tensile structures, like parking, roof, pool, garden tensile & gazebo tents. We also provide our services all over India. “NEW SATYAM TENSILE” is made of customers like all of you, who believe in us. And also concerned about designing, and quality of product for both commercial and residentials.

we are customize fabric tensile manufacturer and supplier of all types of fabric tensile structures and creative canopies. We also work on architectural tensile structure designs. For  more information contact us.

We are the leading tensile manufacturer in Nagpur

 Some Information about tensile structure.

Materials: Tensile structures basically use materials with high tensile strength. Such as steel cables, and man made fibers (e.g., polyester, or PTFE-coated fiberglass), or membranes made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). These materials are not only lightweight and durable, but also capable of withstanding significant tensile forces .

Design Principles: Tensile structures is based on the principles of tension and compression. And the tensioned elements, like cables, or membranes, are under tension forces. And the supporting structure (like steel or concrete beams) experiences compressive forces. The balance between tension and compression creates stable and efficient structural systems.

Structural Elements: Tensile structures consist of several key elements:
Membrane: Primary surface of the structure is made of flexible and lightweight material. And it not only tensioned to achieve the desired shape, but also can be translucent or blurred, which depending on the design requirements.
Ropes: High-strength steel cables provide the main support for the membrane. They are also tensioned and secured to the ground or surrounding structures to provide the desired shape and stability.
Supporting Structure: Tensile structures often contain a supporting framework, such as steel or aluminum beams, columns or poles. And these elements provide additional inflexibility and support for the overall structure.

These details help our customers to know the elements of tensile.

 We are the most trusted tensile manufacturer and supplier in Vidarbha.
Application of Tensile Structures

Tensile structures find application in various fields, including:

Stadiums and Sports Facilities: Tensile roofs provide weather protection for spectators and also offering clear views.
Exhibition Halls and Convention Centers: Tensile structures create large and open spaces for exhibitions, or conferences, and events.
Transportation Hubs: Canopies and shelters at airports, or bus terminals, or train stations provide weather protection.
Outdoor Shading and Pavilions: Tensile canopies are used in parks, or public spaces, and outdoor venues to provide shade and also create gathering areas.
Architectural Facades: Tensile membranes can be used as unique façade elements, and also adding an artistic touch to buildings and all your projects.

Tensile structures have become increasingly popular due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and sustainable design principles. NEW SATYAM TENSILE offer innovative solutions for creating functional and visually striking spaces in various architectural and engineering projects.

Advantages of Tensile Structures

The advantages of tensile structure are:

Lightweight: Tensile structures are significantly light weighted than traditional construction methods, and also reducing material and transportation costs.
Large span Capabilities: Tensile structures create an open and flexible space which can span large distances without any internal support.

Aesthetics: Tensile structures offer unique and visually appealing designs, with curved forms and flowing shapes.

Quick Installation: Compared to normal construction methods, tensile structure has shorter project timelines, as it can be assembled relatively quickly.

Energy Efficiency: Natural light can pass through the transparent membrane and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

These are the few advantages of tensile structure, and NEW SATYAM’S guide on tensile method helps our customers to understand the process of tensile installation. And choosing right pattern of tensile according to requirement.

Parking Tensile

A parking tensile structure is a form of tensile structure that is used for vehicle parking and this structures are made up of a fabric layer stretched over a frame and this fabric layer is durable and lightweight, and it may be made translucent or opaque.

Parking tensile provide several benefits over regular vehicle parking. it is lighter and built in less time. it is also more energy-efficient since it enable natural light to enter the area.

parking tensile structures can be constructed to be more visually beautiful than standard automobile parking structures.

Roof Tensile

A roof tensile structure is a form of tensile structure that is used for roofing and It is constructed of a fabric membrane stretched over a frame, it is durable and lightweight, and it may be made translucent or opaque.

This tensile structure have several benefits over standard roof designs, they are lighter and may be built in less time, and they are also more energy-efficient since they enable natural light to enter the area. Roof tensile can also be constructed to be more visually beautiful than typical roof structures, and it looks Elegant.

Garden Tensile

Garden tensile structure are useful for a number of purposes, including:

Shade: This tensile can be useful to offer sun shade and this is useful in hot areas or for creating a more private spot in your garden.

Rain protection: Garden tensile method provide rain protection and If you want to enjoy your garden even when it is pouring, this might be useful.

Decoration: This tensile may be useful to decorate our garden and it may be made in a number of forms and colors, so you can pick one that complements your own taste.(we are the leading fabric tensile manufacturer)

Architectural Tensile

Architectural tensile structures are type of tensile structure that is used in Architecture and this structure are good for a variety of application including:


Pool Tensile

A pool tensile structure is used to cover the swimming pools.

Tensile structure for pools provide several benefits over regular pool coverings also it is lighter and may be constructed in less time.

pool tensile are also more energy-efficient since it let in natural light and structure may also be made to seem more appealing than typical pool coverings.

Are you looking for any type of tensile structure? we are here to fulfill your requirement according to your preference. contact us.

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