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Top petroleum product global exporter importer

The global petroleum industry is characterized by extensive trade in various key products, with countries around the world actively participating as both importers and exporters. Here’s a concise overview of some top petroleum products and the nations leading in import and export:

Crude Oil:

Top Exporters: Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA
Major Importers: China, USA, India

Refined Petroleum Products:


Top Exporters: USA, Netherlands, Belgium
Major Importers: Mexico, UK, Japan


Top Exporters: Russia, USA, China
Major Importers: India, Japan, South Korea

Jet Fuel:

Top Exporters: USA, Netherlands, Singapore
Major Importers: UK, Germany, China

Natural Gas:

Top Exporters: Russia, USA, Qatar
Major Importers: Japan, China, South Korea

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG):

Top Exporters: USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
Major Importers: Japan, South Korea, India


Top Exporters: USA, Saudi Arabia, South Korea
Major Importers: China, Germany, India


Top Exporters: USA, Germany, Japan
Major Importers: China, India, Brazil

In the dynamic world of global petroleum trade, these countries play crucial roles in ensuring a steady supply of energy and raw materials for industries, ultimately driving economic growth and connectivity across the globe.